A quick look inside a guest bathroom tells a lot about the owner's style. Flexible product ideas can turn even the smallest room into an attractive and inviting kitchen and bathroom for guests.

Create comfortable and stylish guest bathrooms

We can help you design beautiful guest bathrooms which will leave a lasting impression.

A guest bathroom not only provides guests with an opportunity to freshen up during a visit, it also helps protect your privacy as the host. In the hectic daily life of a family, a second bathroom is also worth its weight in gold: the morning rush in the bathroom is eased and all family members can leave the house on time. All good reasons to carefully plan your guest bathroom and design a small bathroom with a pleasant character.

Compared with a guest toilet, which only has a toilet and hand basin in a tiny space, a guest bathroom offers many more possibilities and increased convenience, despite the limited space. Visitors using a guest bathroom can enjoy the comforts of a fully-equipped bathroom - the guest bathroom has a toilet and hand basin, as well as a shower and bathroom furniture, whose dimensions are adapted to the limited space.

Guest Bathrooms

The biggest challenge when designing your guest bathroom is its small size. Use special fittings in the floor plan of your bathroom: a compact toilet combines a reduced size with a high level of comfort. You can also benefit from reduced size and comfortable usage with a narrow wash basin or an elegant hand basin. A walk-in shower fitted flush with the floor and a glass shower partition will fit inside a small bathroom with ease and can be optimised for corner spaces. Use translucent materials such as glass to expand smaller spaces and place mirrors to create a more generous feeling of space.

Effective storage solutions are particularly important for guest bathrooms in tight spaces. They need to provide enough space to store items such as hand towels, toilet paper and cleaning products, but must still prevent the space from seeming too tight. The ideal solution is a tall, thin bathroom cabinet that provides visual tranquility and openness. A bathroom sink cabinet efficiently uses the space beneath the wash basin and a stylish and practical multifunction cabinet provides integrated sockets, a waste basket and tissue box.

When furnishing your guest bathroom, select bright colours and large tiles and make sure you have sufficient lighting, which gives your bathroom a feeling of space and structure.

Whether you're looking for chic design solutions, or need some cleverly compact ideas to get the most out of your space, we can help. Why not visit one of our showrooms today, we’d love to help you with your plans.



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